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Always Behind The Curve

So, I'm moving this blog. Blogger is just too much of a pain in the ass to manage. I'll cross post at both places for a while, since the new place is still deep under construction.

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TOAF 6/8/09

"If it wasn't for Christ, I'd be out there arming people..."
Then, a few moments later:
"What's you name again, buddy?"

I can only imagine what the poor operator on the other line was thinking after getting this craziness espoused to him/her completely randomly. Ha!

As The Mighty Marvin Gaye Once Said, "What's Goin' On?"

Answer: nothing.
Sorry Marvin.

-Too many records to buy, too little $$$. New Sonic Youth tomorrow will burn a hole in my wallet, however.

-Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. I've kept my love of basketball (actually, just Lakers Basketball really) hidden from nearly everyone for a really long time.
I suppose there are several reasons for this:
A. Definitely not punk.
B. Too much Nike. All that swoosh represents is the enslavement of thousands of Chinese babies.
C. Team sports go against my ruggedly individualistic nature. The American dream, right?
Anyways, in my old age (57 this November), I've been getting to the bottom of the following:
A. Not being so much of a dick.
B. Getting back to my roots.
C. "It's like Hamlet said- 'To Thine Own Self Be True.'"
"Hamlet didn't say that
"I think I remember Hamlet accurately."
"Well, I remember Mel Gibson accurately, and he didn't say that. That Polonius guy did."
So that's a lot of existentialism backing up my Los Angeles Lakers fandom. I've got no exit strategy for that point.

-Ladies & Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains! Finally available. So, the movie may not technically be very well filmed, but the message is undeniable. They should show this to young girls everywhere. It does a very good job of telling the story of strong girls without trivializing them. Netflix it- seriously. I first learned about it through the transcendently-before-it's time Grand Royal Magazine. Which brings me to:

-Grand Royal Magazine. If there was ever any one group of people that were/are consistently ahead of every curve, it's the associates of Grand Royal. Initially, GR was the Beastie Boys vanity record label- however, it evolved into the most unbelievably trend-predating tastemaking organization in the history of pop culture. Not only did GR bring us 4 beyond-great Beastie Boys full lengths (and countless single/eps: see Aglio E Olio, Country Mike's Greatest Hits, Root Down), but they also introduced most of the world to Spike Jonze (Sabotage. Where The Wild Things Are. Girlfilms. Genius!), At The Drive-In, artist sanctioned mp3s (really. Ask this guy), and the Mullet (I'm not kidding). Grand Royal Magazine ("Long Awaited, Much Anticipated, Grossly Outdated") was their compendium of coolness. It only lasted 6 issues, but contained way too much excellence to post here. I have all the issues except for the first and fourth ones, which are nearly impossible to find- so let me know if you come across one. I re-read them all from time to time, when I feel like I need tips on Adidas Vs. Puma, building a demolition derby car, the best ways to harass Ted Nugent, Moog Synthesizers or the truly original expose on the mullet epidemic. Ultimately, the Beastie Boys' unwavering ability to see the future got them out of the record label business before the shitstorm, and now Grand Royal Magazine is a memento of a cooler time- just the sort of thing that the magazine would've written about.

-Dinosaur Jr, Freak Scene. Had to "get" the remastered version of Bug (see first item, above). It sounds 1000 times better than the original version, and just fucking shreds. I am now 100% a Dinosaur Jr. fan, whereas I was only like 50-75% before Saturday. Also, perhaps I could work this verse into my wedding vows?
Sometimes I dont thrill you
Sometimes I think Ill kill you
Just dont let me fuck up will you
cause when I need a friend its still you


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I Am So Bad At Blogging, pt. 2: The Month-Late Photoblog

Staycation, guys! Ugh, that term is about as overused these days as "recessionista," "tweet," and "Glen Beck Is A Terrorist." Okay, not that last one, but I'm trying my hardest. But anyway, D and I were ready for a little work ditching, as I had just finished doing a bunch of rich whiny people's taxes, and she had been working harder than anyone else in California, as per usual.
So a Friday was picked, work was ditched, and the mythical Catalina Island was the destination. D had never been there, and I went once when I was but a lad. The original plan was to lead off with an old person breakfast at the Carrow's by our house, but that was of course trumped by laziness. Mastodon's Leviathan was on the Subaru stereo. After barely (of course) making it to the ferry on time, we were off.

In the harbor, aboard the vessel.

My better half.

See what I mean?

Leaving the harbor.

Officially on the open sea.

Twas rather windy.

Though I was not fazed.

Remember this guy (and the people in front of him) for later.

South tip of the island.

And then it happened. The family in the picture above (in front of grey sweatshirt guy) decided to start throwing up, at the front of the boat- which was going pretty much top speed. You do the math. When my sunglasses started getting splashed, I thought it was the ocean. I was very mistaken. Grey sweatshirt guy, luckily for me (and unluckily for him) took the brunt of it, though my sweatshirt was out of commission for the rest of the trip. His may not have been salvageable. Poor guy. Also- the lady came to apologize to him, and the baby she was holding started throwing up again! I may not know too much about the seafaring life, but I do know you should avoid the highest point on the boat if you tend to get motion sick. 

We did make friends with the other thrown-up-upon people, and they took a picture of us, far away on the back of the boat.

Into Avalon Harbor.

My seafaring lass.


Friendly tourist pic.

We basically just did a bunch of hanging around, eating a bunch of food, and enjoying the weather.

And looking at fish via glass-bottom boat. Tourism!

Yes, that is a submarine.

At the end of the day, we walked down to this beach (it is a protected wildlife area) and just lazed around for a good while.

Rocky, but relaxing.

And Dawn almost fell in.

Back to reality. Or, at least Orange County.

 A patriotic afternoon voyage.

A bunch of dolphins started swimming in the boat wake after I took this picture, naturally.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Am So Bad At Blogging

[Note to self: Catalina Island Adventure photoblog coming soon. Maybe.]

Ugh, I'm still mostly asleep for some reason. It's not like I don't get enough sleep- my incessant selfishness and lack of any real responsibility probably afford me too much. Luckily, I don't let worrying about my budget for vinyl reissues at Insound keep me up at night. Usually. So here's how I've been spending my days in my general post-adolescent malaise:

-Wedding planning. Almost done (yeah right. Jinx!). Much was accomplished in Paso Robles last weekend (a phrase that has never been typed before!)- cake tasted/arranged for (it's gonna be good, and I don't even like cake. Seriously.), invitations designed (I was a totally wannabe graphic designer for a while, so I was prepared to be a dick about the invitations. Luckily for me, my fiance is more than capable of arranging excellent looking invitations without my faux-knowledgable snide comments), and my Sound System Assistant was arranged for (Thanks, Turtle Boy).

-We decided to take Monday off for a leisurely drive back south, so we stopped in Malibu for lunch/early dinner. As with most things, I was generally unimpressed by Malibu. I enjoy all of the leftover architecture from the 30's-40's-50's-60's, but other than that, I really don't see the big deal. Overrated, like the other 90% of Los Angeles. After we made a Lawyer Emergency Internet Pit Stop at the Panera in Santa Monica (I much prefer Santa Monica to Malibu, btw), we went the rest of the way home on PCH- though only out of necessity, since it weas now rush hour(s). Blech.

-I've sworn off physical record stores. I hate to say it, but it's true. I have a spreadsheet on my phone (nerd) of about 300 different records I need to buy (yeah right), and have only managed to find 1 of them in 3 trips to different places. The exception, of course, is Amoeba, but I can't drive there all the time. At least it took me 15 years of record buying to get to that point. Everyone else: keep going. I am an isolated case of extreme nerdiness and even more extreme jaded-ness.

-The one record I did get was Jane's Addiction's Nothing's Shocking. As I may or may not have said before, I never liked Jane's until this past year or so. I think it has to do with living in Southern California- Jane's is everywhere (even the post office), and they wore me down. I remember hating this record in college. We had this neighbor that lived in an apartment behind our house, above our garage/practice space (which undoubtably sucked for him), and he was an older grad student who commuted (!) from Berkeley (!) 3 or 4 days a week. He was super wierd and tended to invade your space with unsettleing regularity. He used to just roll in through our back door, go through my cds and grab the ones he wanted to copy. He always traded me cds in return, although I rarely listened to them because he annoyed me and I am an asshole. One of the few I did listen to was Nothing's Shocking, which Jason and I hated (also the 2nd Meat Puppets album- the one that Nirvana did all the songs from on Unplugged in NY. I still don't like the Meat Puppets. Kurt Cobain really captures the vibe of the songs, while being 200% more tuneful than the original songs). Anyway, like Jeremy "Bummer" Machi says "We always become what we hate."

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"I hear Rush, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura..."

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Two Blog Posts That Made My Day (Today)

Not that I was having a particularly bad day... but still.

From Idolator: Dissecting "Superstition" (the song, not the mystical belief). Very interesting to me because of the following- A: I am a recording nerd & B: It's one of my favorite songs.

From Videogum: Uniting Humanity And Squirreldom. Dare I say, my heart was warmed. I've only recently begun realizing my fascination with animals. Growing up with 900 yapping dogs, a bunch of messy horses and a nutso parrott kind of gave me a distaste and exasperatuion for most of the animal kingdom, but thanks to Lindsay at Videogum (and Box Cat, and Nyack The Otter [RIP- too sad to link], and Foxes On The Trampoline, and Lazy Cat, and Baby Hippo, and Crazy Mini-Horse... christ, do I ever digress), I basically have the youtube-viewing habits of an 11 year old girl.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Quick One:

I don't think I've ever been proud of the town I've lived in, until this morning.
Good job, kids.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Recent Listenings:

Mastodon: Crack The Skye- Still great. Actually, rather unfortunately, I lost my cd of this (it may have been stolen at the carwash- that was the last place I saw it, but I thoroughly doubt those dudes are Mastodon fans), so I hadn't had much chance to listen to it until I burned myself a new copy. In the metal world, no one does layering like Mastodon, and it really must be turned up pretty loud to get all the little interesting parts. That, and I'm deaf.

Beastie Boys: Check Your Head Remastered B-Sides- Perhaps more than any other record (save the Descendents' Somery and the Minor Threat record), Check Your Head defined my teenage/highschool years. It was even in my cd player when I picked Dawn up for our first date (cute). I had tapes of tapes of bootlegs with these B-sides on them, so it brings back a lot of memories of causing/getting into trouble. And, more philosophically, it really inspired me to play music and broaden my horizons. These came as a free lossless download when I ordered the CYH Remastered vinyl, so I can finally replace my 96k mp3's that were among the first digital audio files I ever encountered.

Wire: Chairs Missing- Bigger fan of Pink Flag, but I Am The Fly is a brilliant song, as the limeys might say. I've already listened to the record twice today. Interestingly enough, the last time I listened to it, according to iTunes was exactly 364 days ago. Also of note- if you want to remaster your records and have them sound great- get the Wire dudes to do it. I don't know how, but they have the best sounding remastered catalog ever, especially considering they recorded it originally in the late 70's with ultra-low budget punk gear. Even Jimmy Page can't remaster that well.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven- This is some serious shit. I kid you not, I had to turn off the lights and light a candle to listen to this. And it worked. Aaaaatttttmmmmmooooosssssppppphhhhheeeeerrrrreeeee.
The record kind of sneaks into your brain like a parasite and feeds on your nerves, and you're none the wiser. The 3rd "movement," entitled Sleep, WILL fuck your shit up.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

TOAF 4/9/09

"It's the castration of American, and Obama's the kingpin."
followed by something about his citizenship that I couldn't hear, then:
"It's the breakup of the family fabric."
"God bless America- we need it. Have a happy Holy Thursday and Good Friday..."
Kinda tame, but funny in a crazy nonsensical way.

Blah-ndora Internet Blah-dio

I've given Pandora Radio months of chances. I've put my faith in the science of music- only to find out there is no such thing. And I've been forced to come up with only one conclusion-
dreadfully, Yahoo! Launch Radio is better.
Yuck. I feel like one of those assholes contending that "The Zune really is better than the iPod!" out of a sense of misguided contrarianism.
I don't even know if the Yahoo (fuck exclamation points) radio thing is even still around. Last I checked it didn't support Macs OR Firefox, which is beyond retarded, so I've boycotted it ever since. But it did (does?) have a few things going for it- actually, one major thing: the intelligent "Don't Ever Play This Again" button. Say I type in "Nirvana" (because I'm grunge) and it plays Lithium... immediately followed by Pearl Jam or Pudddddle of Mudddd or some other ridiculous shit, I click the button, the software learns I only like Nirvana and not horrible shit, and the world is happy.
But science gets in the way over at Pandora, and unfortunately I'm convinced that science gets in the way of music. Pandora breaks down the songs (as opposed to the artists) into formulas- minor key songs, rock-and-roll instrumentation songs, songs with "excessive vamping" (I didn't know what that meant either). And then it mathematically combines all these variables, and I get... Radiohead.
All the time, with the boring-ass Radiohead. I would never tell it to seach for Radiohead's acoustic b-sides and whatever else. The one positive aspect was that I was able to come up with a new term for Thom Yorke- Downs-Elf. It's pretty self-explanatory, and I apologize to the Downs- community, but it had to be said.
And just because I like Jay-Z DOS NOT MEAN I WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH 2-PAC. Sure, I can say "Don't play this song for a month" to Pandora, but what about the 5000 other posthumous 2-Pac songs, or the rest of the extensive Downs-Elf catalog? [Note- This just happend as I was typing- I thumbs-downed a Downs-Elf song, and 6 songs later it plays Creep. Arrrgh.]
That's all I've got, but at least I might have managed to offend the Downs-Syndrome Community (sorry), White Kid Wannabe Gangsters (not at all sorry), and people who like "Artistic, Creative, Mindblowing" music (hahahahaa, fucking Radiohead fans are the WORST).
And on a positive note, at least it's playing Straight Outta Compton at the moment, though I'm sure my joy will be short-lived.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Recent Musics

Obits: I Blame You and One Cross Apiece- The One Cross 7" is the winner here. The two songs are great and (understandably) is a great transition between Hot Snakes and this, the first Obits recording. The full length is great too- I prefer it to the Night Marchers record (sorry other 3/4 of Hot Snakes, Rick wins). It's more surf guitar/Duane Eddy inspired than the single. Subpop was a little late sending these out (boo), however, they made up for it (almost) by doling out stickers, buttons and a limited edish Obits hologramy-thing. It used to be my job to fill packages with that stuff, but it still makes me as giddy as a little girl when I get it myself.
Mastodon: Crack The Skye- Very, uhhhh... psychedelic. And awesome. It sounds exactly like I expect it to sound, based on the concept. Mystical-czarist-space-hallucination-metal! I don't know if I like it better than Blood Mountain, but I like it a lot.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Overheard Asshole Files (A New Feature)

This one requires a little background info. The office space that I work in is divided in half- one side is our (mine/boss') and the other side is subletted out to another guy. The other guy in question, I have determined is quite possibly THE WORST PERSON EVER. Well, he's no Hitler or anything (actually, if he wasn't so lazy, he might be just as bad), but he's certianly the one and only truly bad person I've ever met. He's a born-again, a (relatively newly-minted) gun nut, an unbelieveable rascist, a sexist in league with O'Reilly, and just all around scumball sleazebag.
And no, I've not called him out yet- I'm saving up.
Anyway, being a blowhard-know-it-all is the most immediately noticiable of his many horrible traits. He doesn't really do too much in the way of working, it's mostly just barking ridiculous rhetorics and degradations at people over the phone and telling them how much more knowledgeable (then they) he is. He talks really loudly (so we can all hear him), so I am consistenly overhearing him, and I'm planning on making a log of some of the nearly unbelieveably things he says thoughout the day. Sorry everyone. It's your turn to share in my misery.
3/26/08: "What are these guys smokin? yukyukyuk"
"These women don't have God in their life- they just have no connection to reality"

You might think this is a bit of a slow start- but just wait. I promise it'll get better/worse.

[Oh, I almost forgot- here's an entry for yesterday: 3/25/08- He is listening to the Jurassic Park Soundtrack.]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I Try Not To Write About Music (UPDATED)

[When I originally wrote this, the Buddyhead website was down (way down), but, merely a day or two after I clicked "Post," theyre back (way back). Even with a new gossip post! It's like 2002 all over again! So, in short, THEY WIN.]

Because there are a few people that do it far better (and far less annoyingly).
If you're interested, check these out (in no particular order):
Buddyhead- the original and best. They've mellowed out (at least in terms of spending time on the internet), but have always been unstoppable. Much to the chagrin of their enemies (countless), they actually know what they are talking about and have great tast in music (I'm willing to forgive the Oasis-worship, dudes). For god's sake, they're language artists, brah.
Stereogum- All around top quality (and it's sister site, Videogum, is one of the best sites of any category, ever)
Idolator- Interesting articles, less news-reporty than Stereogum or BV.
An Aquarium Drunkard- Low post volume, but of the absolute highest quality, musically, aesthetically, and writing-wise. Stunningly good.

And The Award For Current Best-Thing-In-The-World Goes To...

The Fake Nick Cave Twitter.
Far better than the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Classic gems (I just coined that phrase).
-Opening a vegetarian restaurant called "Murder Salads"
-Attempting to one-up Jarvis Cocker's tie choices
-Consistent mustache-groomery
-Being unable to tell if he's speaking to Blixa or his answering machine
-Tagging, and then untagging himself from Mick Harvey's facebook

Really, it's just hundreds of Nick Cave nerd in-jokes. Good thing I'm a Nick Cave nerd.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Business of The Business

It's taken me a while to chill out after that last post, but I think I've reached my equilibrium once more. Here's some shit that sucks way less than that horrible movie:

-Our wedding has a blog. How technological! I'm having a hard time not being pretentious and cynical on that one (see: "The wedding event of the Century-" sorry, I was a Marketing & Hyperbole major).
Check it out:
-Choosing menu items for said wedding- even though Dawn didn't like my original Asian-fusion theme. Early California Homestyle, here we come! (The Chili theme was passed over as well- bummer.)
-Listening to the Paul's Boutique reissue non-stop. The mix is way better, plus it sounds great on wax.
-Also listening to Spiritualized's Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space almost as non-stop. It really is a masterpiece too. He's doing a Don't Look Back performance of the record in the UK and I would give my cousin Michael's kidney to go. Sorry Michael, but that's the price for tax advice.
-...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dads: The Century of Self- another really good plateful of jams.
-The time changing back. Unfortunately, this just makes laziness harder. Possible, but harder nonetheless (that's what she said).
-iPhone OS 3.0: Yeah, copy & paste, finally.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Watchmen Was So Unbelieveably Horrible

I've never wanted to walk out a movie at so many different points- including within the first 5 minutes. I don't even want to talk about it, really.

So here are some movies I'd have rather spent my time/money on:
-Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector
-An American Carol
-Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever
-Charlies Angels 2: Full Throttle
-Paul Blart: Mall Cop
-Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li
-Speed/Speed 2 (Double Feature!)
-The DaVinci Code
-Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3
-Dave Matthews Band Live Bootleg Series
-Any Cameron Diaz/Drew Barrymore/Julia Roberts romantic comedy
-Testicles Being Crushed In A Vice: An Exhausitve 13-part Documentary

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hate-Reading Pitchfork

I like doing surveys because I'm not really very creative. So in the spirit of staleness and predictability, I appropriated one from, where they ask pretentious and overrated musicians about (mostly music-related) things. Let's do this!

>> Favorite Songs from the Past Year
Hmmm, off the top of my head:
Batcat- Mogwai
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Time To Pretend- MGMT
>> Favorite Older Songs at the Moment
Elton John- Rocket Man (I heard it on TV last night, so it's fresh in my mind.)  
>> Favorite New Band
This question is bad because "new" is so fucking subjective. You're the worst, Pitchfork.
But in the spirit of playing along, MGMT is probably the newest band in my collection.
>> My Dream Collaboration
To collaborate with me? Anyone, almost.
To collaborate with each other: Josh Homme & Jack White on a Desert Sessions record, Boris and Mastodon on a noise-metal record.
>> Favorite Song Ever
How could someone choose this? Here's a selection:
Merchandise- Fugazi
A Day In The Life- The Beatles
Teenage Riot- Sonic Youth
Tangerine- Led Zeppelin
Plenty For All- Hot Snakes
>> Best Recent Concert
The last one I went to was one of the best- Mogwai in LA. As of right now, that's also the nest concert I'm going to.
>> Last Great Film I Saw
Man On Wire
>> Last Great Book I Read
I'm reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It's great. 
>> Favorite Piece of Musical Equipment
Mainly the versatility of my Gibson SG, but really any guitar- especially electrics plugged into a shitload of pedals and a fucking loud amp.
>> First Record You Ever Bought
You know, I don't really remember, and I was trying to figure this out the other day. The earliest one I can remember is buying the Nirvana cds of Nevermind and In Utero from my friend Lawrence for $10. He had decided he liked rap. But that was in like 6th or 7th grade, and there must have been some sooner. The first records I remember getting as a gift were: The La Bamba Sountrack, a Cars tape, and Michael Jackson's Bad.

>> Favorite Record Shop
Fucking Amoeba Hollywood of course. It's always crowded, but that's because it the world's best record store.

>> Favorite City to Play
Based on my extremely limited touring experience, I'm gonna say San Luis Obispo.
>> My Dream Merch Table
None, like Fugazi.
>> A Popular Artist I'd Like to Fall Into Obscurity
It's hard to be an "artist" when you are popular, but Diddy or Britney Spears fit, in the absolute loosest definition of the term. As for those who consider themselves "artists," I have to say Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen (sorry Andy). Oh, and Arcade Fire!
>> Obscure Artist I'd Like to Become More Popular
See above. I don't really want to live in a world where everyone listens to "obscure" shit, but I think Queens of The Stone Age should be more popular.
>> Strangest Display of Affection from a Fan
n/a, thankfully.
>> Best Purchase of the Past Year
Have to say the Subaru.

>> Best Thing I Did This Year
>> Favorite Venue
The Troubadour.
>> Favorite TV Show at the Moment
Too many. Arrested Development is the all-time best. Others: No Reservations, Lost, Classic Albums. Top Chef has lost much of it's appeal since Thumb-Head's win.
>> Favorite Video Game at the Moment
Temporarily gave up Zelda to focus on Wii Sports and Call of Duty: World At War. Now it's back to Zelda.
>>Favorite Radio Show
The oft-lamented Jonsey's Jukebox, and the newly reborn Harmony In My Head.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trader Joe's Soy Orange Creamsicles

Are the fucking best. I suggest you get hip to them ASAP.

Other things I'm digging:
...Trail of Dead: Source Tags & Codes- Still good. Need the new one.
The Juliana Theory: Music From Another Room- San Luis Obispo flashback, and I'm not ashamed.
Spiritualized: Songs in A+E, Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space- Jason Spaceman wins.
Sunn0))) & Boris: Altar- I love the doom.
Counting the number of despondent wealthy people I hear daily convinced that those commies are going to steal their hard earned cash and redistribute it to the unwashed and undeserving- priceless.

Not Digging:
The Top Chef winner- he doesn't get mentioned by name. Dear Padma, we'll forget this ever happened.
Shunning my instruments- not consciously.
Getting tickets for expired registration stickers, then having the parking cop PUT THE ACTUAL TICKET ON TOP OF the temporary registration in the windshield.
Not getting tickets to the Clarity x 10 tour. Blew it.
Blogger's Block- blowing it.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Recent musical tidbits/happenings:
Seriously, Jane's Addiction is all over the goddamn place these days- more than usual. The (internet) radio, TV shows, Pitchfork (twice), even the Irvine post office. Their ubiquity is astounding. What a perfect time to have a reunion.

Recent Listenings:
Fugazi: Red Medicine- Why I don't listen to this more is ASTOUNDING. It may be their best record. When I was younger I think I wrote it off for not being either aggressive enough or song-oriented enough, but, after listening to in the car for the past week, I'm amazed at how good it (still) is. Great recording, and especially great guitar sounds (even for Fugazi). Makes me want a Rickenbacker even more.
Fugazi- Steady Diet of Nothing: Always, always good.
Sonic Youth: The Destroyed Room (rarities/b-sides)- Cool weird stuff and the 20+ minute version of The Diamond Sea is iconic.
Sonic Youth: SYR 8 ANDRE SIDER AF SONIC YOUTH- About an hour of live noise improv, featuring, among others, The Mighty Merzbow. Cool textural stuff if you can stand it (you can't).
Boris with Merzbow: Rock Dream- This is my (metal) rock dream. Beyond perfection, noise+rock+sludge+metal.

I am ridiculous:
I made a spreadsheet of the guitar pedals/effects I plan to buy. It's waaaaay too long.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you ever do things that make you hate yourself?

Take Myspace for instance- it's THE WORST. It's like the Paso Robles of web 2.0, all tacky and trashy, full of people you don't want to see except out of morbid curiosity, made up to look modern at first glance. You don't know why you go back. 
Oh, right, it's because your parents live there.
I guess that analogy kind of falls apart at the end. Sorry.
Anyway, I'm over it.

In other news: added a twitter thingy and rss subscription links (at the behest of Andy, I finally figured out how to do it) to the blog. Get ready to get sick of my constant twitterings.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I know these dudes perhaps a little too well.

So read their blog: The National Hustle.
Hopefully googlers don't get it confused with the fantastic line dance "The Nashville Hustle-" which was created in the 70's after George Jones, hard up for bourbon cash, started covering Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony. The rest, as they say, is history.
As long as Matt continues to "lean" to the "left," and as long as Camo keeps his writing reminiscent of his storied Crimson Chronicle past, I will keep their blog on my link list.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Currently: Music

Recent Listening List:
Morrissey: Years of Refusal- Well, truthfully, it's probably waiting on my doorstep right now, but I know it's good and that I'll be listening to it constantly for the next year- like with any Morrissey record.
John Frusciante: The Empyrean- Jesus, this is good. I could listen to the first 2 songs forever. I even listened to the first track @45 rpm and it was great (it's an instrumental, so no high pitched vocals to contend with). Said first track makes me think of if Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac recorded "Albatross" after binging on Joy Division, Fugazi and Jimi Hendrix- so it's pretty much a fantasy track for me. On the whole it's easily his best non-that-other-horrible-band-he's-in-with-Flea.
Mogwai: EP Compilation Mix CD- This one never worked correectly in my old car cd player for some reason. Sounds great now though.
Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion- Pretty good record, definitely not the best I've ever heard, as the Pitchfork rubes would have you believe. It has a nice, thick, bassy production that I dig. 
The Lonely Island: Incredibad- Yeah, Lazy Sunday and Dick In A Box are old and overexposed, but I fully endorse this album. I'm On A Boat is my favorite (especially the autotuned/vocoded "muthafuckaaaaa" parts).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why The Fuck Has This Not Been ReMastered? Episode One

Sunny Day Real Estate: Diary
For fuck's sake- this is one of the greatest records of the 90's, and it sounds terrible. Luckily for all of us, the excellent songcraft shines through the horrible, muddy mix. Jeremy Enigk needs to get over himself, do the respectable thing by making the record sound like it should, and even, as a side benefit, make some fucking cash (everyone knows Nate Mendel had to pay for the first Fire Theft record).
Ratings in it's present form: Songs: 9.5, Mix: 2.0.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Night & Good Luck, My Old Friend.

So, it finally happened. I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends this last weekend.

Yeah, I know... traumatic/dramatic. She required a princely sum to get running again, in addition to untold future investments- so I decided the do the economically smart thing and invest it in an otherwise more reliable vehicle:

And so now I join Maine residents and various other hippies as the proud owner of a Subaru. I am very proud of my absolutely pragmatic decision making.
Dawn played DJ on the way home (ipod connectivity!), and after the obligatory round of Hot Snakes, she made the best possible choice: 99 Problems- immediately easing my separation anxiety from the Red Dragon, at least temporarily. The first record you listen to in a certain situation is very important, I think. (Also noteworthy- the first song I heard on the car's radio was Q-Tip. I didn't even know he got played on Power 106 these days. Even so, a very good omen.)
So, I say a tearful goodbye to my friend of 12 years, and bid a bittersweet welcome to a new one.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've Got 96 Tears In 96 Eyes

I new something was up with my car this morning. Come to find out, it was bummed about Lux Interior's passing. Well, that makes two of us, Jeep.
Sadly, I've got no pictures of me lurking out-of-focusly behind Lux. Oh well- check out the youtubes instead.
My favorite two Cramps songs:
I Was A Teenage Werewolf

& Human Fly

[Update: I came across what I thought is the best eulogy for Lux- written by none other than The Mighty Sw@mi  himself:
"no way only 95,000 people bought Bad Music. i'm guessing it's 10 times that.
as important as the ramones or mozart. the cramps not only taught us songs
but a way of life. no one will ever be cooler than lux. he was badass lethal
and outrageously hilarious until the end
i mourn"]

I had finally come up with a plan to replace my car- however, it required my car to be driveable until at least September. Hopefully this is an easy (and cheap) repair, but that doesn't usually happen.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hmm, Weird/Good, Weird/Bad.

Item 1:
In reference to the previous post regarding my dissapointment with the demise of Indie 103.1 fm Los Angeles: the new, web-only version of the station is better in every way except two: no Steve Jones, and you can't listen to it in your car (actually, Dawn's car- my radio doesn't work anyway). Listen here if you desire.
Awesome surprises- yesterday they played Slint. Fucking Slint! Unbelieveable. And not just any Slint song- Good Morning, Captain is nearly 8 minutes long. Normal Version. Crappy Live Version.
Today- Wire's Ex-Lion Tamer, and not even on Rollins' show. Normal Awesome Version. Not Really Awesome At All Rollins Cover Version. (See how I brought those together?)
Two of my favorite bands/songs ever, but I suppose I shouldn't be that suprised- either of those tracks is probably being played hundreds of times a day somewhere on the internet.
[Subitem A: All the internets were like "lolz, indie sucked, listen to KUCI ftw, icanhascheezburger brb!!!111" KUCI is the UC Irvine college radio staion (No doy, Jack Donaghee). It is just as bad and possibly worse than I remember college radio being. The d.j.s might actually be retarded. Can you be mentally handicapped at the UC level? All they really have to do is comb Pitchfork for playlist ideas or play horrrrrrrrible "World Music." Dear internets: you were so wrong. KUCI=Epic Fail, lolz!!!!111]

Item 2:
I watched some live Nine Inch Nails movie/dvd thing on the HD music video channel the other day and it was APPALLINGLY HORRIBLE, sound-wise at least. Hardly any drums, no synths or guitars in the mix at all, only bass and lead vocals. I'm chalking it up to someone at the TV station fucking it up, because I can't believe there'd be anyway a band would release that shit on DVD- it would be humiliating.

Item 3:
Dear Coachella Festival: Fuck you. I've successfully avoided going to your festival for the last 10 years or so. But those days my be nearly over. Look at this shit! Amazing.
Bands I wanna see: Fri- A Place To Bury Strangers, Conor Oberst, Franz Ferdinand, Girl Talk (meh, maybe), Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Paul McCartney (!), Patton/Rahzel.
Sat- Amy Winehouse (assuming she's still alive), Glasvegas, Henry Rollins, Liars, Mastodon, Tinariwen, Turbonegro, TVOTR.
Sun- Fucked Up, My Bloody Valentine, No Age, Paul Weller, The Night Marchers, X, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
(I did not plan to bold those just because they are all M's. They're just the ones I'd like to see the most (again). Weird!)
Christ though, $269 for 3 days, plus the need to find somewhere to stay. They have fucking layaway though.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Times It Just Takes a While To Get Things Done

Like, say, 6 or 7 years.
Case in point: my turntable. Like any self-respecting young "punker," I've had a record player and the requisite Minor Threat 7"s for years. However, I never had it set up correctly- until last night. See, I never had a stereo with the proper phono input/preamp, so playing records involved plugging the beast into my crappy bookshelf stereo and turning the volume waaaaay up, and listening to records without the proper EQ curve. I could've bought a phono preamp, but who has $50, right?
Anyway, I recently aquired the proper receiver/preamp, bought a classy new needle/cartridge, bought some new speakers (hooray gift certificates!), new speaker wire, etc. etc. etc. After a liberal application of electrical contact cleaner (the balance & volume knobs were corroded, causing distortion and general not-workiness) last night, I'm in business- finally. And it really does sound great. Apparently the reciever I got from my parent's house is very well thought of in stereo cicles (it's a Luxman R-117, if you care. But I know you don't). Fantastic. I don't plan on replacing my (hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of) cds, but when new stuff, or stuff that I don't physically own is available on vinyl, that's what I'm buying.
One thing I've got to get used to: having to stand up and walk over to the record to see the track names.
One thing I don't need to get used to: vinyl really does sound better. I hate to admit it, but it's true.

Records I've been listening to on the beast:
-Hot Snakes: Suicide Invoice (with a rad extended version of Paid In Cigarettes that I'd never heard until now!)
-Mogwai: Bat Cat EP (it's a 12" 45! Those crazy Scots!)
-At The Drive-In: One Armed Scissor single (yes, there were some cool things about my old job.)
-T.Rex: Electric Warrior (I always regretted buying the album from iTunes, and now I've made it right.)
-Big Black: Songs About Fucking (of course I have to have a Steve Albini record on vinyl. It's virtually required.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And I Forgot To Mention

Mad Men is the best television show ever conceived.
It's honestly all I think about.

Notable Stuffery

This close to having my turntable set up again. It's been a long while- since I moved out of my Mom's house in college, to be exact. Got some new speakers this weekend, fanagled a vintage receiver from Hall Manor (thanks Ross), still waiting on my new cartridge from Amazon- should be here any day now. I've got a bunch of records that have never been played- time to put a stop to that.

Listening lately:
-(some CD compilations to listen to in the car)
       Mogwai EP Compiliation: EP+2, Bat Cat, My Father My King
       My Bloody Valentine: Glider + Tremolo
       The Clash: Assorted Dub (the only reggae you will ever hear me listening to)
-Sigur Rós: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
-Hot Snakes: Automatic Midnight

Watching lately:
-Imagine: The Story of the Guitar (BBC Bootleg!)
-John Adams
-Taxi To The Dark Side (Fuuuuuck...)
-Bigger, Stronger, Faster

The Death of Indie 103.1FM:
Bummer. Jonesy's Jukebox was the best radio program ever conceived.

And finally- Blogism
See the sidebar at left for new friend-bloggage. Including, but not limited to: Megan J's Carnival Preparations and Morgan C's drawings of flesh-eating diseases/zombies. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TiVo HD is the greatest.

Even for someone who's been living the TiVo lifestyle fo sooooo long. Netflix Instant Queue! Amazing. The increased hard drive space and dual recording capability are really doing a number on my free time.
Oh yeah, Time Warner Cable=dicks. It took them a whole day to get the cable card working.
So between TiVo, Netflix, and Call of Duty: World At War, I haven't a lot of time for the internets, sorry.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ron Asheton

I love The Stooges. I'm very glad I got to experience them live. Thanks Ron.

(That's me between the left elbow and headstock on either picture.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back To/In The Swing Of Things

As unfortunate as it is, I think everyone gets a little sick of vacation. I've successfully avoided doing very much work (about 3 days worth) in the last 3 weeks or so, and as much as I enjoyed being on a couch by the fire in Paso or on a ski lift in Big Bear, I am more than glad to be home.
Here's what I've been doing since I got back.
-Watching Mad Men (thanks Chase) on the new TV
-Playing Call of Duty: World At War (thanks Michael) on the new TV
-Recovering my sore muscles
-Reading The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain (thanks Tim)
-Listening to these: Roxy Music: s/t, Scott Walker: Scott, Paul McCartney: McCartney, Paul McCartney: Ram, Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex/Kill Yr Idols, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Murder Ballads, Explosions In The Sky: All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (thanks Chase).
-Exploring the wonderful world of the Micro POG (thanks Dawn).