Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Blogstravaganza, pt. II

Or, The Economics of Candy Tampering.

Are concerned parents/authority figures still alerting childern to the dangers of tampered-with candy? That was a big deal, back in the day. Thankfuly, I think my parents were a little to sensible for that whole craze, and with good reason.
Who wastes their time, and, more importantly money tampering with the candy they are about to give trick-or-treaters? Seriously- the notion is ridiculous.
If I know one thing about drugs and/or razorblades, it's that they cost money. Why would some dude, presumably a drug dealer (or really, just someone who happened to have an above-average amount of drugs laying around), just decide to forgo all the potential profit (or high-ness), and just dole 'em out to unsuspecting Ninja Turtles and Witches? It's not like they could come back once they got hooked and get more (the candy is laced, get it?).
Same goes for razorblades/needles/whatever. It's not like the kids instantly ingest the razor blade and the deviant can revel in the the childs pain. There's no payoff. Even serial killers need a payoff.
I'm sure it was all a huge conspiracy by the religious right to dissuade people from celebrating a "Pagan" holiday, so pardon me while I go worship the Dark Lord.

Halloween Blog Attack!

The Days Playlist: [Note: Why would I bother posting this? It's far too long. Oh Well.]
Criteria: Creepiness, subject matter, evilness.

Artist - Name
Sonic Youth Hendrix Necro
Shellac Ghosts
Sonic Youth Screaming Skull
Converge The Saddest Day
Sunn O))) It Took The Night To Believe
Some Girls Deathface
The Misfits Vampira
Hella The Devil Isn't Red
Desert Sessions Dead In Love
The Misfits Hellhound
Led Zeppelin In My Time Of Dying
Pil Death Disco
Converge Hellbound
Danzig Killer Wolf
Bauhaus Dark Entries
Mastodon The Wolf Is Loose
Samhain Halloween II
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Red Right Hand
Fugazi The Kill
The Darkness Black Shuck
The Birthday Party King Ink
Mark Lanegan Death Valley Blues
The Beatles Maxwell's Silver Hammer
The White Stripes Death Letter
The Hives Die, All Right!
Wipers Potential Suicide
New York Dolls Frankenstein
Joy Division Shadowplay
Mogwai Black Spider
Hot Snakes Who Died
The Misfits Devil's Whorehouse
The Misfits Night Of The Living Dead
The Damned Born To Kill
Danzig Soul on Fire
Explosions In The Sky Welcome, Ghosts
Samhain Black Dream
Dillinger Escape Plan With Mike Patton Come to Daddy
The Damned Stab Your Back
The Misfits Green Hell
The Jesus & Mary Chain Darklands
Converge Black Cloud
The Hives Abra Cadaver
Doomriders Black Thunder
Samhain He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named
Mudhoney Halloween
Fantômas Rosemary's Baby
H.I.M. Don't Fear the Reaper
Mos Def The Boogie Man Song
Cursed RIP
Led Zeppelin Black Dog
Converge In Her Blood
The Misfits Halloween II
Hot Snakes Hatchet Job
Cave In Trepanning
Samhain Macabre
Iggy Pop Kill City
T.S.O.L. Code Blue
Danzig Evil Thing
Danzig Long Way Back From Hell
Queens Of The Stone Age Someone's In The Wolf
Samhain Initium\\Samhain
John Frusciante 666
Explosions In The Sky Greet Death
Led Zeppelin Gallows Pole
Desert Sessions Covered In Punks Blood
The Misfits London Dungeon
Elliott Smith See My City Dead
T.S.O.L. Silent Scream
Hot Snakes Suicide Invoice
Beck Devils Haircut
Black Sabbath Hand of Doom
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Black Mask
The Faint Agenda Suicide
The White Stripes Little Ghost
The Misfits Horror Hotel
Metallica Dyers Eve
The Misfits Bloodfeast
The Misfits Cough/Cool
Joy Division Dead Souls
Mogwai Kids Will Be Skeletons
Eagles of Death Metal Speaking In Tongues
The Beatles Helter Skelter
Metallica Fade To Black
Metallica One
The Raconteurs Blue Veins
Black Sabbath Electric Funeral
The Misfits Where Eagles Dare
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Witches Web
Mastodon Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife
The Raconteurs Store Bought Bones
Earthless Godspeed
Jesu Dead Eyes
The White Stripes 12 Catch Hell Blues
The Misfits Demonomania
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Cannibal's Hymn
Queens Of The Stone Age Monsters In The Parasol
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds O'Malley's Bar
These Arms Are Snakes Drinking From The Necks Of The Ones You Love
Grinderman Grinderman
The Misfits Die, Die My Darling
Danzig Heart Of The Devil
Samhain Horror Biz
Mr. Bungle Everyone I Went To High School With Is Dead
Cursed Fatalist
Bad Brains Fearless Vampire Killers
Black Sabbath Children Of The Grave
Some Girls All My Friends Are Going Death
Depeche Mode Black Celebration
Queens Of The Stone Age Song For The Dead
Danzig Devil's Plaything
The Misfits Wolfsblood
Morrissey Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Bauhaus Stigmata Martyr
The Misfits Skulls
Queens Of The Stone Age Burn The Witch
Bauhaus Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
The Misfits American Nightmare
Sunn O))) & Boris Blood Swamp
The Cramps I Was A Teenage Werewolf
The White Stripes Black Math
Bauhaus St. Vitus Dance
Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers
Hot Snakes Automatic Midnight
Cursed Hell Comes Home
Danzig Possession
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party
Dillinger Escape Plan Baby's First Coffin
The Faint Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat
Queens Of The Stone Age Intro/Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
The Damned Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Joy Division Atrocity Exhibition
The Misfits Death Comes Ripping
The Misfits Devilock
The Smiths Pretty Girls Make Graves
Desert Sessions At The Helm Off Hells Ships
Smashing Pumpkins We Only Come Out At Night
The Cramps Zombie Dance
Some Girls Marry Mortuary
John Frusciante Murderers
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Stagger Lee
Black Sabbath The Wizard
The Misfits Astro Zombies
The Birthday Party A Dead Song
Eagles of Death Metal Chase The Devil
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Up Jumped The Devil
Eagles of Death Metal Kiss the Devil
The Blood Brothers Rats And Rats And Rats For Candy
Elliott Smith Son of Sam
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Stagger Lee
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Little Ghost Song
The Misfits Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight
Slint Breadcrumb Trail
Some Girls Dead In A Web
Wipers Return Of The Rat
Led Zeppelin No Quarter
Samhain All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
Desert Sessions Up In Hell
Sunn O))) Vlad Tepes
Khanate Track 2
The Cramps Human Fly
The Misfits Halloween
AC/DC Back In Black
Queens Of The Stone Age 04 Into The Hollow
Desert Sessions Hanging Tree
Botch The Opera Song
Iggy & The Stooges Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
Fantômas The Omen (Ave Satani)
AC/DC Hells Bells
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Godspeed You Black Emperor! The Dead Flag Blues
T.S.O.L. Funeral March
Cave In Halo Of Flies
Slint Nosferatu Man
Converge Hanging Moon
Converge Death King
Some Girls Gonna Set My Soul On Fire
Sunn O))) Báthory Erzsébet
The Misfits Horror Business
The Misfits Ghoul's Night Out
The Blood Brothers We Ride Skeletal Lightning
The Sword Winter's Wolves
Suicidal Tendencies I Shot The Devil

This May Be Crossing Two Lines.

"People are nauseous about being perceived as the enemy. After Abu Ghraib, reasonable, rational people were saying the most despicable things about America. Imagine that. The country that not only liberated Europe but rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan. The country of Omaha Beach. The heroism of people who gave their lives for people like my dad. I mean, this is the United States of America.

And, by the way, whoever fixes that problem gets elected. People say, "Oh, it's all about the economy." This is the first time it's not. It's about turning that idea around. We're the United States of America, and we do not like being seen as the enemy.

And it's a wave. I think the next generation is going to roll right over us. There's a new kind of hard-headed idealism out there, which is not about "Let's hold hands and wish away the world's problems." People are ready to change the world one brick at a time. I really believe that."

So yes, that is a Bono quote. And yes, it was from The Worlds Most Overrated (By Itself) Magazine (Rolling Stone). But a good sentiment, nonetheless. I don't generally think "entertainers" should speak on political matters, but, due to my punkish background, believe in that right for musicians. So there: I have no problems with being a contradiction.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Note To Self:

Sometime, when you are not quite so tired, discuss how your ear holes were shredded and your mind was blown (off) by the combined forces of The Mighty Mastodon and Unbelievable QOTSA Sleaze Rock Overload.
Jesus- shows that good should be illegal.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Evacuations, and... Lunch.

First up, check out my old friend Andy's (I'm not saying he's old, he's just been a friend for a long time... but he is older than me) blog. His observations are way more interesting than mine, plus he likes comic books. And he majored in Japanese (IIRC- maybe it was "just" Linguistics?). And his blog is very visually pleasing.

Second: Southern California is going up in flames around us, and I was reading an article the other day with people talking about what they would take with them if/when they had to evacuate their house. What would I take?
-Our cat, Oliver (he's quite furry and I'm surprised he hasn't lit on fire before. He looks to be more combustible than most animals, so he gets a very high priority. Well, that and I really like him).
-The Macbook and my 2 hard drives. (Yeah, superficially, my life is pretty much that computer. I don't think I could bear to lose my Protools song files from one drive or my iTunes library (especially if I couldn't grab my record collection) on the other).
-As much of my music gear as possible (I would be uncontrollably depressed without it. Priority goes to my SG and the Mesa amp head, both of which I have a ton of sentimental attachment to.
I guess that's it. Maybe a few pairs of jeans, some t-shirts, and a hoody. And a power strip, if I have tons of time. Dawn said similar: cat, computer, pictures, jeans.

Lastly: In case you wondered (and you definitely shouldn't), I eat pretty much the same thing for lunch every day. As follows:
-Main course: Usually a Tofurkey/cheese/sprouts sandwich. Peanut butter and (only) raspberry jelly, or leftover pasta are the only variables.
-Trader Joe's String Cheese: Like a preschooler.
-Trader Joe's Woven Wheat Wafers: Like Triscuits, but better because they are slightly saltier.
-Trader Joe's nonfat yogurt: Usually only raspberry, but I've rotated in black cherry, starting today.
-A gala apple.

I don't know what motivated me to type that out. I apologize.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life is a series of random events.

-It's smoky. Ash is falling from the sky. Apocalypse?
-Bummed out by American Chopper: Vinny left the company. I'll really miss seeing that guy on the show.
-Two of my favorite bands broke up: The Blood Brothers (supposedly) and Some Girls. There will be a lot less new noisecore on my iTunes in the near future.
-And I hate cover songs: but the Killer's cover of Shadowplay is cool. I'm into it- even though covering Joy Division is like covering The Beatles or Zeppelin and should be off limits.
-While Malibu burned, Justin, Stevie and I had a Naked-jump-off-the-roof-into-the-pool Contest. Dawn and Jason watched in horror. I was also attacked by a bird (both the Avian and I were fully clothed at the time).
-Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: 3-Tone Sunburst, Olympic White, or Surf Green?
-I wish it would snow. Instead, it's like 94 degrees.
-I've been artistically stifled, and it's bugging the shit out of me. There is not enough time in the day.

Friday, October 19, 2007

These things don't usually go this well.

Not much going on here in blog land.
There's a feature in Blender about the worst lyricists in rock music- and it's pretty good. Accurate too (surprisingly). Sheck it out here.

In the "Fascinatingly Disgusting" Department: [Note: Beware.]
I have lots of problems with my ears. Nothing serious, just superficial, annoying things. Earplugs and iPod headphones don't fit in my right ear- I think it's oddly shaped. I have declining hearing (or so I thought). And, horrendously, I produce and inordinate amount of earwax. Yes, that's disgusting. I know- I have to live it.
Anyways, every couple months one of my ears (usually the bastard on the right) gets completely plugged. It happened again on Tuesday, worse than ever, and I'd had enough. So I went to the doctor, and some unfortunate (but nonetheless pleasant and gracious) nurse had to clean out my ear. And it wasn't pretty. I'll spare the details, but let's just say I could start an organic candle business very easily.
My point is this: my hearing isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was. I can hear far better now, especially in the higher frequencies. Thank you, Dr. Lo, and Nurse Whose Name I Didn't Catch. You've just contributed to my year of re-birth (first I find out I'm younger than I thought, now this). The moral of the story is: Doctors are not bad, but very useful. Also- don't clean your ears with Q-Tips. Ever. Seriously. Not that I did, but- seriously.

Finally- Plotting has begun on my Soon-To-Be-Legendary Halloween Playlist. Criteria: Outrightly evil-related song name, subject matter, or general creepiness factor. Ideas welcome. Also- (Shane) let me know what your playlist might be.

Post-Finally: Copious research has begun for my guitar nerd blog (hopefully Blog-Cum-Empire).

Post-Post-Finally: Waaaaay to many hyphens. I apologize.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another one, only for nerds.

I have a new blog going down- about guitars and other noisemakers. If you're into that sort of thing, dig it here:

If not, fuck right off.