Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hey dudes, and stuff...

So, not much going on lately. I've been rolling solo a lot, seeing as Dawn's been in Florida for a while.
I went on a solo snowboarding mission today, and it was beautiful and uncrowded. See?
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I didnt have to share a chair with another soul, and there was like 3" of fresh snow from the night before.
However, I did get cut down by a rogue quarterpipe. Considering that whilst I was airborne, I had time to think "Hmmm, I'm a little too high, this could end poorly..." before my face landed upon said quarterpipe's deck, I must have gotten some impressive height. A slight black eye and various facial cuts ensued. Evidence:
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And I guess that's it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh yeah- here's a New Year's Resolution

I think I will start drinking exclusively from goblets.

[listening to: The Raconteurs:Yellow Sun]


25 Bands I've seen live:
(stolen from Brandude's myspace bulletin)

7 seconds
beastie boys
blood brothers
cave in
dillinger escape plan
fake black flag
foo fighters
get up kids
(international) noise conspiracy
jeremy enigk
mars volta
pete yorn
reggie and the full effect
some girls
sonic youth
tenacious d
the strokes
velvet revolver
youth brigade

(plus a damn lot more... not counting freind's bands either.)

[Listening to: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Do You Love Me?]