Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Blog Posts That Made My Day (Today)

Not that I was having a particularly bad day... but still.

From Idolator: Dissecting "Superstition" (the song, not the mystical belief). Very interesting to me because of the following- A: I am a recording nerd & B: It's one of my favorite songs.

From Videogum: Uniting Humanity And Squirreldom. Dare I say, my heart was warmed. I've only recently begun realizing my fascination with animals. Growing up with 900 yapping dogs, a bunch of messy horses and a nutso parrott kind of gave me a distaste and exasperatuion for most of the animal kingdom, but thanks to Lindsay at Videogum (and Box Cat, and Nyack The Otter [RIP- too sad to link], and Foxes On The Trampoline, and Lazy Cat, and Baby Hippo, and Crazy Mini-Horse... christ, do I ever digress), I basically have the youtube-viewing habits of an 11 year old girl.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not going to argue with the 11 year old girl part.

    The sad thing is that I have seen most of those. Look what this crazy shared reality we call the internet is doing to us! Talk about homogenizing culture! Look out Iran, here comes shittube!

    Hopefully that Superstition thing isn't taken down by the time I get time to watch tonight.