Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you ever do things that make you hate yourself?

Take Myspace for instance- it's THE WORST. It's like the Paso Robles of web 2.0, all tacky and trashy, full of people you don't want to see except out of morbid curiosity, made up to look modern at first glance. You don't know why you go back. 
Oh, right, it's because your parents live there.
I guess that analogy kind of falls apart at the end. Sorry.
Anyway, I'm over it.

In other news: added a twitter thingy and rss subscription links (at the behest of Andy, I finally figured out how to do it) to the blog. Get ready to get sick of my constant twitterings.


  1. You know..somehow I was already subscribed to you...so I have to wonder if you subconsciously fixed it months ago.

    The funny thing is your analogy is uncannily accurate because our generation's parents ARE getting on MySpace & Facebook! It was creepy enough when we did it, I know.

    My dad is on Myspace for the bar (you remember Pine Street right?)...but luckily neither of them have figured out how to find my blog yet. Not that I are; I'm sure it would make for interesting conversations. But somehow...it just seems wrong.

    PS. My cat who is locked in her kennel for vomiting on my chair says "rowr".

  2. Oh, I had no idea your Dad is involved (owns? runs?) Pine Street. Nice. My Paso friends love that place.
    And yeah, my mom is on facebook, and I've got aunts on myspace... awkward! I don't have a facebook myself, but my brothers both declined my mom's friend request. I guess it has to be done.

  3. Yeah my Grandma has owned/ran Pine street pretty much forever (since the 70s maybe?)..she's getting old so my dad stepped in when he retired a few years back, now he basically runs it. Seems it's a pretty happening place..as far as country bars in Paso go!

    My brother drives a limo around hauling people to and from the bar. How bizarre is that?

    Oooo....mother burn. That must sting. I think I'd be tempted to do the same. I don't care on myspace because nothing of value takes place there, but I'm not sure if I'd want parental mucking interspersed with whatever vagaries pass for my "social" interactions on Facebook.