Friday, February 27, 2009


Recent musical tidbits/happenings:
Seriously, Jane's Addiction is all over the goddamn place these days- more than usual. The (internet) radio, TV shows, Pitchfork (twice), even the Irvine post office. Their ubiquity is astounding. What a perfect time to have a reunion.

Recent Listenings:
Fugazi: Red Medicine- Why I don't listen to this more is ASTOUNDING. It may be their best record. When I was younger I think I wrote it off for not being either aggressive enough or song-oriented enough, but, after listening to in the car for the past week, I'm amazed at how good it (still) is. Great recording, and especially great guitar sounds (even for Fugazi). Makes me want a Rickenbacker even more.
Fugazi- Steady Diet of Nothing: Always, always good.
Sonic Youth: The Destroyed Room (rarities/b-sides)- Cool weird stuff and the 20+ minute version of The Diamond Sea is iconic.
Sonic Youth: SYR 8 ANDRE SIDER AF SONIC YOUTH- About an hour of live noise improv, featuring, among others, The Mighty Merzbow. Cool textural stuff if you can stand it (you can't).
Boris with Merzbow: Rock Dream- This is my (metal) rock dream. Beyond perfection, noise+rock+sludge+metal.

I am ridiculous:
I made a spreadsheet of the guitar pedals/effects I plan to buy. It's waaaaay too long.


  1. 1. Spreadsheets are incredibly handy. Especially google docs spreadsheets that can be accessed anywhere (even from my WinMo phone I think...). I have entirely too many of them.

    2. I don't have that Fugazi album...and I'm not sure why. They always manage to fall through the cracks for some reason. Must track it down.

    3. Haul out the Raw & the Cooked. You know you want to. Wacky Buzzcocks covers for all! Huh, evidently RS gave it 4 stars at the time. Good for them.

  2. Totally forgot about that Buzzcocks cover. Classic!