Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Business of The Business

It's taken me a while to chill out after that last post, but I think I've reached my equilibrium once more. Here's some shit that sucks way less than that horrible movie:

-Our wedding has a blog. How technological! I'm having a hard time not being pretentious and cynical on that one (see: "The wedding event of the Century-" sorry, I was a Marketing & Hyperbole major).
Check it out: http://dawnandbrianswedding.blogspot.com/
-Choosing menu items for said wedding- even though Dawn didn't like my original Asian-fusion theme. Early California Homestyle, here we come! (The Chili theme was passed over as well- bummer.)
-Listening to the Paul's Boutique reissue non-stop. The mix is way better, plus it sounds great on wax.
-Also listening to Spiritualized's Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space almost as non-stop. It really is a masterpiece too. He's doing a Don't Look Back performance of the record in the UK and I would give my cousin Michael's kidney to go. Sorry Michael, but that's the price for tax advice.
-...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dads: The Century of Self- another really good plateful of jams.
-The time changing back. Unfortunately, this just makes laziness harder. Possible, but harder nonetheless (that's what she said).
-iPhone OS 3.0: Yeah, copy & paste, finally.


  1. The lack of cut&paste still cracks me up.

  2. Geez! It was sandboxing/application security concerns! How many times must we tell you people!

  3. Of course.

    Where can I get some of that kool-aid? ;)

  4. dude, I've got plllleeeennnntttttyyyyy.